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Fremdkunst - The Blue MarbleA new Fremdkunst EP touched down at Kitchen Dip Recordings!

Named ‘The Blue Marble’, this EP is once again an exploration of the outer-limits of the Fremdkunst-universe by DJ Mace (initiator of Fremdkunst and co-owner of Fremdtunes) and friends. Ambientlike soundscapes & robust beats – almost submerging in pools of glitches,  reverb and samples, but always managing to keep floating on strong rhythmtracks and catchy melodies.

Special guests are Wiboud Burkens (on keys) and guitar-hero slash trumpeteer Shycop. Coco Bryce pulls out a set of breakbeats on his off-kilter remix of ‘Das Abendland ft Erwin Vann’ (of the Zauberschwein im krankenhaus album). Inspiration comes from the works of David Toop, Edvard Grieg, Arthur Schnitzler, Paul van Tongeren, Flexus, Lars von Trier, Z-Factor and others.

Produced, composed, written and mixed by DJ Mace
Additional synths on 1 and 4 by Wiboud Burkens
Trumpet & (additional) guitar on 2 and 3 by Tristan Driesenaar (Shycop)
Remix by Coco Bryce
Mastered by Incise
Artwork by Omar Radwan

1. Pictures at an 1889 exhibition ft Wiboud Burkens (EP version)
2. Golden Years ft Shycop
3. Une jeunesse que l’avenir inquiète trop souvent ft Shycop
4. Borne back ceaselessly into the past ft Wiboud Burkens
5. Das Abendland ft Erwin Vann (Melancholera Rewerk by Coco Bryce)

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Work by Delta inspired by DJ MaceJanuary 27nd 2012 the exposition SEE-A-SOUND’ was openend at bkkc, Tilburg. SEE-A-SOUND is an interdisciplinary project in which ten acclaimed autonomous designers and an equal number of talented producers/DJ’s teamed up to produce an exhibition and accompanying vinyl record. The ten serigraphs and musical compositions are on display in the exhibition hall at the bkkc, until April 20, 2012.

DJ’s Mace and Optimus (Fremdkunst/Fremdtunes) will perform for this project at the Paradox(Tilburg, NL) on March 30. They team up with keyplayer Wiboud Burkens and saxophone player Joris Posthumus to do an adventurous impro-show. Designers Boris ‘Delta’ Tellegen and Loulou&Tummie will be showing special work during the performance. Coco Bryce will close the evening with a slamming DJ-set.

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