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Zarathustra soundscapes was the first full-length instrumental album produced by DJ Mace. It’s his premier effort of experimenting with unusual song-structures and breaking with his past of mainly producing for mc’s. The songs on this album (CD) were created between 1998 and 2001 and were mainly made with the help of a Technics turntable, an old keyboard, Akai s2800 sampler and Atari st1040. Some of the scratches were recorded on a Roland digital multi-track recorder. Zarathustra finally resulted in the birth of the sonic-adventure called Fremdkunst and subsequently the start of indie-label Fremdtunes… This is the first time you can download the full original album for free: so go ahead!

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We’re very pleased to let you know that one of the Zauberschwein by candlelight tracks by Fremdkunst will appear on vinyl. Namely, the labelsampler Fremdtunes – the series 2 contains the track ‘This side of paradise’. This second edition of the Fremdtunes labelsampler series also contains music by DJ Optimus ft Prince Po (Organized Konfusion!), DJ Devastate ft Segerfalk, Jameszoo, Vindictiv and Boulaone. The digital release will be out on May 9th. The vinyl (with silckscreen printed cover and pressed in very limited numbers!) will be out on May 30. The record is available at http://www.rushhour.nl/store_detailed.php?item=59366 for pre-orders.

 The teaser is done by the always-electrifying Superelectric. Mister Adam, the indefatigable, did the great artwork.

Read more on this 6-track 12″ right here. Also, scratchedvinyl.com did a review. Read here!

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Fremdkunst will be playing live, soon at theatre near you! January 8th we will be playing as Fremdkunst ‘pocket size’ with Erwin Vann on saxophone, during the first Fremdtunes labelnight – starting at 23.00h! Also performing are DJ’s Jameszoo & Coco Bryce and visual artists Mister Adam & Superelectric.

Fremdkunst will also perform on January 9th at Ekko, Utrecht, starting at 16.00h. DJ’s Mace, Optimus, Vindictiv and guitarist Shycop will be playing live.

Here can catch a soundbite of our gig in the summer of 2010 at Festival Mundial with Eric Vloeimans and Baba Sissoko. Enjoy!

Fremdkunst XL – Vlad Tepes (live at Festival Mundial 2010) by fremdtunes

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